Instructor of Record

Global Economy (Econ 13): Summer 2020

Teaching Assistant

Probability and Statistics II (Econ 15B): Fall 2016, Fall 2019

Research Computing in the Social Sciences (Social Science 3A): Winter 2017

Global Economy (Econ 13): Spring 2017, Summer 2017

Intermediate Economics I: Microeconomics (Econ 100A): Fall 2017

Corporate Finance (Econ 134A): Winter 2018, Summer 2019

Accounting (Econ 25A): Spring 2018, Spring 2019

Managerial Economics (Econ 140): Summer 2018

Introduction to Financial Investments (Econ 132A): Fall 2018

Basic Economics II: Macroeconomics (Econ 20B): Winter 2019, Winter 2020

Basic Economics I: Microeconomics (Econ 20A): Summer 2019

Business Forecasting (Econ 125A): Winter 2020

Economics of Strategy (Econ 147B): Spring 2020

Money & Banking (Econ 161A): Summer 2020